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Virgin Orbit – Launching Small Satellites Into Orbit

Virgin Orbit is a part of the Virgin Group. It provides space launch services to small satellites. They recently successfully launched a cubesat and...



Stepping Into Style & Comfort – The Latest in Cooling Shoes Technology

Whether you're looking for an update to your current style or simply want to try something new, stepping out of your comfort zone is...


What is Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy and what are its symptoms?

Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy is a disorder which is caused by the inability of the person who suffers from it to properly manage their...

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FTX Token and Token – What is FTX?

FTX is a cryptocurrency exchange based in The Bahamas. The company was established in 2019. It is a relatively new exchange with a large...

Hiring Refugees in Your Workforce

Hiring refugees in your workforce is a very viable option if you are trying to keep your costs low. But if you are considering...

Last Crumb – A Business Model That Works`

One of the most crucial components of building a successful company is having a business model that works. It can be difficult to find...

What is Desmos Graphing Calculator?

When you're looking for a digital math activity for your students, you can turn to Desmos. This platform-agnostic calculator is available online, and is...


AFD 3024 RH Door Closer

Are you tired of doors slamming shut or not closing properly? The AFD 3024 RH Door Closer might just be the solution to your...

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