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What is Desmos Graphing Calculator?

When you’re looking for a digital math activity for your students, you can turn to Desmos. This platform-agnostic calculator is available online, and is designed to support any number of platforms. Its graphing calculator includes tools to help students understand concepts in algebra, geometry, and calculus. The application is also available for mobile devices and is written in JavaScript.

Free online graphing calculator

Desmos is an intuitive math tool that enables students to visualize algebraic equations. It is a free online graphing calculator that works on any browser. Graphs can be created and viewed immediately.

Students can learn algebraic concepts such as square roots, functions, and inequalities. They can also use it to evaluate equations. If the parameters change, the graph is redrawn. This allows them to compare graphs in sequence.

Teachers can assign interactive graphing assignments. This includes adding multiple functions, changing color and size, and more. These assignments can be used in any content area.

The Desmos graphing calculator is an excellent tool for both teachers and students. It provides a variety of graphing features, including dotted lines for graphing inequalities. There are also built-in examples and other resources.

Desmos is available in 169 countries. It has a community of 9.9K subscribers. It is being integrated into more school programs. In addition, the College Board has included a Desmos calculator on their new digital PSAT.

Digital math activities

Desmos is a web-based tool that enables you to make some pretty cool digital math activities. It’s a free service that includes a nifty little calculator and an activity builder. You can even add colors and shapes and see what your creations look like.

Desmos aims to inspire students’ curiosity and interest in mathematics. This is accomplished through various digital math activities that you can use in the classroom. One example is the Desmos Graphing Calculator.

Another is the downloadable Teacher Guide. These are available through the web or as a PDF download. The Teacher Guide is an excellent reference for planning a lesson.

Desmos also provides a comprehensive set of documentation. As a result, it’s easy to navigate, and it’s accessible to a variety of users. From screen readers and NVDA to braille displays and keyboard conversions, Desmos is compatible with a lot of different user interfaces.

Desmos combines the best of both worlds, and the result is a highly effective instructional tool. Students can learn the basics of algebra, geometry, and advanced mathematics through interactive math games and graph-based assignments.


Desmos is an online e-learning solution for middle school mathematics teachers. Its main aim is to help students love math. The company has a plethora of free tools for classroom educators. These include a calculator, toolkit, and a number of customizable activity collections.

The company also boasts a centralized dashboard and a number of super smart instructional supports. While most of the activities aren’t particularly direct, they do a decent job of promoting high level thinking and discovery. This is especially true of the more advanced lessons, like the Desmos Math 6-8 curriculum.

Desmos offers many of the modern day e-learning tools, from a calculator to a nifty looking graphical calculator to a mobile app. As a bonus, these resources are FERPA compliant.

The best part about the Desmos is that it provides a number of free tools for classroom educators. For instance, it offers an array of customizable activity collections to varying degrees of complexity. Using this tool, educators can select the best fit for their specific situation.

Platform-agnostic software

Desmos is a free, web-based tool that allows teachers to create interactive math lessons for their students. It’s part graphing calculator, part interactive simulation tool, and part educational content. You can use it to solve problems, insert graphs, write text, and more.

Desmos is also used by educational assessment companies. During the 2016-17 school year, it will be included on a new digital PSAT and in some state’s assessments. In addition, its calculator is included on the EOC mathematics tests in Virginia.

Desmos’s platform-agnostic software allows students to work on their lessons without any barriers. Students can collaborate with other users and easily switch between the online and offline version. Similarly, teachers can view student progress and pause or reload the class.

With Desmos’s platform-agnostic capabilities, publishers can earn revenue from calculator integrations. If an assessment company wants to pay for upgraded Desmos’s equation editor, it can do so.

The program also has an offline playback feature. This is a useful option in schools where local resources are needed. Teachers can also monitor student progress and capture student responses.

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